Don’t remember Mills by what killed him – Duncan-Williams

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Comment: focus on your job

seek n find.
2013-08-11 13:56:59
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Don’t remember Mills by what killed him – Dunc

Amazing. Stop the politics and teach your people the truth. I was expecting you to teach them the humility of Mill's and leave what killed him to the politicians. You claim to be called to lead the people to salvation so please, i beg you focus on your job. I am begging because it is unfortunate Ghanaians don't learn and will emulate you thinking it is right because bishop does it. Please leave what is caeser to caeser and to God to God. You and Otabil has made it known by your fruits the political party you belong thereby now using the pulpit to further support your party. I pity those who spend their time, transport cost and also uncheerfully(sin) giving money as in offering and tithes only to go and listen to a man campaigning for a political party. My fellow Ghanaians, read the bible yourself. PRAY to GOD for understanding and you will be enlightened and you will know God Almighty.

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seek n find. on Aug 11, 2013 13:56
focus on your job