Don’t remember Mills by what killed him – Duncan-Williams

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Comment: Say it again!

2013-08-11 15:18:09
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What is this 'archbishop' driving at?
Did he go to school?
What has a man's demeanor got to do with asking questions about what killed him?
Don't Ghanaians have the right to know what killed their president?
Is he saying that when a 'humble' person dies we shoudn't ask questions?
If Mills was an angel how come he lied to Ghanaians about his own health and even pretended to be 'running' at the airport when he returned from America?
I personally admire Prof. Mills as a person and I care to ask questios about what killed him.
Years after Mr Arafat's death his body has been exhumed for examination. It is not to say they are disrespecting him but rather out of concerns for what actually killed a great man.
If we really respect Prof. Mills then then we need to let the world know what actually killed him.
Prof. Mills will thank us for enquiring about his death and bringing his killers to justice if there was a foul play in his death. He
will be honoured and rest in peace if we enquire and find no foul play in his death. He will know that we even loved him after his death.
the worst we can do is to do nothing about his death. His family has already disappointed him for thinking obout their stomachs and not showing concern for him. They don't care to know what killed their son and brother and husband and father. They really dont want to know.
As for Duncan Williams let's leave him to God. His wrath is just around the corner for the stomach direction 'preacher'.

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kp on Aug 11, 2013 15:18