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Comment: the lies of the ayigbe ndc

insight to the bone
2013-08-11 19:06:09
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No matter what the ndc and their agent provocateurs say the fact remains the country can never move forward if the majority are marginalized and excluded from truly being represented as is the the case today. after killing mills these criminals have used ideology , propaganda , election trickery and engineering leading up to rigging of the vote with the help of the heavily politicized national security . anyone who dares cry foul is persecuted by the police and lately the judiciary . we now have a govt lopsided in favor of minorities such as the ayigbe and muslim northerners , this act alone proves none of them ever believed in ghana talk less of equal opportunity for all citizens irrespective of their background. we have no choice but to recognize these facts and do what is necessary to stop the process of colonization by these misfits . the divisions among us are so great its now evident to all its only a matter when this will lead to conflict and war. they think because they control the judiciary , nation security and other institutions of oppression that they are safe but i will remind them that's what the communists in Romania , Saddam in Iraq , Gaddafi in Libya and even the British imperialists thought. the Lord is on our side and we shall soon have our freedom . the economy is going backwards , even their own people dont believe in prosperity so are hurriedly pillaging the coffers , corruption of such magnitude that they dont even bother investigating or trying to rectify these crimes in short a mess which is skydiving into a disastrous catastrophe just as Sodom and Gomorrah were until fire erased them . pepeni at the drop of a hat runs to the most ridiculous of meetings just so he may not be caught in the country when things explode . they persecute the npp but dont realise its a different kind of leader that is born in times of war and those leaders a waiting patiently for the clarion call , long live the republic of Akan . to all those who wish and pray for the de Akanization of Ghana i say may you all be burned alive

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insight to the bone on Aug 11, 2013 19:06
the lies of the ayigbe ndc