We’re not bomb throwers – Mike Ocquaye

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Comment: Re: Ahuma Ocansey >I like your comment

2013-08-24 09:32:47
Comment to:
Papa Ajasco Oquye distorting the FACTS.

The inheritance of the bomb-throwers:
'all die be die'
'we will make the country ungovernable' (they're surely busy with it)
'we will kill.....this & that'

Just to name a few *anyone else can top-up the rest for me*

Luckily, I wasn't a political science student under this bomb-thrower lecturer; he could've brainwashed me dry!!!!!!

All these bomb-throwers are the cause of the hardships the entire Ghanaians are facing since their bomb-throwings till forever!!!!1

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***** on Aug 24, 2013 09:32
Re: Ahuma Ocansey >I like your comment
Kwame Asubonteng on Aug 24, 2013 13:04