We’re not bomb throwers – Mike Ocquaye

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Comment: Keep on fooling yourself, Prof Oquaye.

Dede Nartey
2013-08-24 11:50:57
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You are pathetic.

Prof. Oquaye's lectures have no academic validity and no intellectual reliability. He is full of falsehood and trying desperately to re-write the political history of Ghana. Luckily, Ghanaians know more about their own history than the intellectually lazy like Prof. Oquaye. Imagine the situation whereby the student are more intellectually challenging and know more on the subject than the professor? This is the situation with some of the lecturers like Prof. Oquaye who also insit on students writing than only what they were lectured by them otherwise, they are marked down by expressing or articulating logical and well tested views of other people in the academic world. This is the attitude of Oquaye and the likes who always want to re-write history by polluting the minds of our future leaders. Their teaching/lectures effectively turn to produce equally intellectually lazy and non-competitive graduates for the employment markets and our social communities. What a waste to Ghana!!. One wonders how Prof. Oquauye got his lectureship at our University of Ghana, Legon?. Is it through the usual 'god father' system or by the 'grease my hand' practice i.e through the 'back door'. To educate Prof. Oquaye, he must know that the Preventive Detention Act was mainly aimed to protet the citizens of Ghana and National Security because of the heinous and violent activities by the NLM/UP to derail the advancement of our dear Ghana. Mantra to incite tribal conflicts, arrest and destroy political and economic and social activities in Ghana by making Ghana 'ungovernable' but to their selfish and egotistical political ends. Oquaye cannot re-write the history of Ghana. He may attempt it but would fail just as Prof. Adu Boahene. Fortunately for Adu Boahene he was corrected not long before he departed to his maker in total disgrace. Oquaye funny enough neither has the capacity nor the ability to defend his shameful academic 'find out'. Prof. Oquaye's contribution to Ghana is sadly the production of 'low standard' graduates into our system and trying to claim academic significant. The actions taking by most countries, specially the Europeans against terrorists are even more severe than PDA. In some cases you only have to have a Muslim name and youwill subjected to strict scrutiny and surveillance. Sometimes being detained purely on suspicion. No country would allow terrorists to take over the run of the State because terrorist are evil and do not have the interest of the country at hearts but for their selfish economic and political ends only!. Prof. Oquaye, should read more about the political history of Ghana. He may be well knowledgeable in the political activities of his families -NLM/UP but very, very little in Ghana. He must reseach on JB Danquah, Victor Owusu, R.R Amponsah, Dombo, Jatoe Kaleo, Akor Adjei, Kofi Crabbe, Yaw Manu. Joe Appiah, Bafuor Akoto, Dr Kofi Abrefa Busia, R.R Apaloo, Nana Ofori Atta( Okyehene -Akyem Abuakwa), Malam Tula I.C Quaye, Obetsebi Lamptey, Asaaba Quacoo, Anum Yemo, Teiko Tagoe etc. Oquaye is hiding behind his academic decorations to try to fool Ghanaians but he is a novice in Ghana politics. The average Ghanaian is more aware and has a better knowledge of the history of Ghana than Prof. Papa Ajasco Oquaye. Keep on fooling yourself Prof. Oquaye.

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Dede Nartey on Aug 24, 2013 11:50
Keep on fooling yourself, Prof Oquaye.
Kwame Asubonteng on Aug 24, 2013 13:04