We’re not bomb throwers – Mike Ocquaye

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Comment: And who were Ako Adjei and co?

2013-08-24 13:59:34
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You are pathetic.

Wasn't Ako Adjei a minister in Nkrumah's government as well as Kofi Crabb? So, what is your point? Now, let's put it this way. Imagine Mahama is visiting a particular place in Ghana, who do you think will meet or receive him? Is it the opposition or his party members so, if something happens, who should be blamed?

The Kulungugu bombing was the work of CPP members who hate Nkrumah.

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Pelicles on Aug 24, 2013 13:59
And who were Ako Adjei and co?
Kwame Asubonteng on Aug 24, 2013 13:04