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Comment: Re: Difficult To Warp History

2013-08-24 20:58:08
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Re: Difficult To Warp History

My brother, don't waste your time on these trokosi people who don't have a history in Ghana and they are forcing themselves like they are for Dr.Nkrumah but they were the same people one of them attempted to kill him, they are making central region their territory like Dr.Nkrumah is from the central region.The don't really know the man called Osagyefuo and they are pretending like he was for them, ask your Kojo Tsikata and the rest with ewe names the ordeal that they went through if they will be honest with themselves when they went to Guinea to visit him.

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YF on Aug 24, 2013 20:58
Re: Difficult To Warp History
Kwame Asubonteng on Aug 24, 2013 13:04