We’re not bomb throwers – Mike Ocquaye

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Comment: Re: Mike Ocquaye – Revisit Prof. Kofi Abrefa

2013-08-24 21:01:48
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Mike Ocquaye – Revisit Prof. Kofi Abrefa

prof, unless u were in oxford then u surely must have heard and read this too if u were't at the rally? or were u stretching ur luck, hopeful that no one would recall that shameful admission? ur party, unfortunately, believes that everyone in the country belongs in the npp and will not recall its dastardly past and criminal plots and scheming, or when they do, it can only be to commend ur members! consider the jan 2009 ex-parte motion sought by ur npp vis a vis the confession by atta akyea in his now infamous "we thought he was one of us" statement!consider,too, ursula's confession that she doffed her hat to addoye when he slapped an opponent! u know i'm not surprised at all, cause for u rule of law must means employing underhand means to seek "justice". K4 demonstrated it and atta akyea confessed it! rule of law indeed!

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rkt on Aug 24, 2013 21:01
Re: Mike Ocquaye – Revisit Prof. Kofi Abrefa
Kwame Asubonteng on Aug 24, 2013 13:04