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2013-08-24 22:50:40
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Power Corrupts ...

It is such a disgrace that people make statements without basis. What type of democracy did the British leave us and did not follow and rather sent you back. The fact that Sadam Husein has a vice does not mean must have a vice. Have you ever bothered to read the Constitution of that era? There is no doubt that Kwame Nkrumah is the greatest African of the Millennium and that great leaders are falling over their heads to study him. The tantrums of some disgruntled politicians in Ghana to discredit him will not wash. The best advice is that Ghanaians must put aside our political bigotry and dispassionately study the history of Ghana, and we will begin to know the real heroes of Ghana and those who did everything to derail the progress of Ghana because of their myopic inclinations.

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RE: Power Corrupts........