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Francis C. Quainoo
2013-08-25 00:53:20
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Kulugugu Bomb

Kwame Kwakye, certainly we were NOT the bomb throwers as the THIEVERY NDC PROPAGANDISTS make us to be. And they know it.

The lone Police gunman Prof. Ocquaye is referring to was, Francis Ametawee.

The Kulungugu Bomb Throwers were, Nkrumah's Ministers, Tawaia Adamafio, Ako Adjei, Kofi Crabbe, Malam Maama Tula, Obetsebi Lamptey,etc.

I never heard of the names you mentioned in your contribution, except Obetsibi Lamptey.

If I had been in Ghana, I would have gone to the forum to contribute immensely the way Prof. Oquaye has just done. GOOD ON HIM!!!

Some of us are living proof of Dictator Kwame Nkrumah's Terrorist Regime, whereby most of our Opposition Leaders were jailed without trials and others forced into exile simply because we were in the opposition.

The Dictator was so much afraid of his own shadow, hence his reluctance to even name his own Deputy.

In short, our Danquah/Dombo/Busia Tradition would be interested to know of any of our members who had ever been arrested and arraigned before the COURTS OF GHANA for attempting the life of the former DICTATOR NKRUMAH.

We have always believed in the Rule of Law as the only weapon to determine the Legality of Acts.


Best Regards,

Francis C. Quainoo
Western Australia

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Francis C. Quainoo on Aug 25, 2013 00:53
Re: We're not bomb throwers
Kwame Asubonteng on Aug 24, 2013 13:04