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We’re not bomb throwers – Mike Ocquaye

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2013-08-25 06:32:39
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We’re not bomb throwers – Mike Ocquaye

Unfortunately we have lots of people such as Dr ocquaye who really ,really do not understand History.Fact is Dr Kwame Nkrumah knew what the nation Ghana wanted ,Freedom now than Later.The Danquah Dombo people did not and wanted the nation to remain under colonial domination without any time frame.Ghana's independence would have been delayed for only God knows when.Perhaps our stuation would be like Zimbabwe.Dr ocquaye's spin move is an attempt to put wool over the eyes of many Ghanaians.NPP is the off spring of a political group that unleashed terror the nation has ever seen.From the OKAPI (BAFOUR) wielding MATEMEHO to KULUNGUGU BOMB and POLICE assassins attempt on Nkrumah were all done by the Danquah,Busia, Dombo group.Dr ocquaye must not forget that you are for Capitalism (DEMOCRACY) or you are a Marxism, (COMMUNISM),No NATIONALISM in Africa.NPP has a VIOLENT DNA.Dr ocquaye must stop corrupting History.Why did'nt the Danquah Busia Dombo Go to Court for libel at the time.Dr ocquaye, for the sake of posterity, do not distort history.

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