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Ayikoi Otoo under ‘gbeshie’ influence - General Mosquito

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Comment: Fantis wake up

insight to the bone
2013-10-31 03:13:05
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i have refrained from commenting on anything for a while but this is a provocation , let them get it into their heads its now time for only Akans to rule , and we dont want any mix north south shit both president and the vice should come from majority tribe Akans which are the ashantis and the fantis and we shall see who will carry 90% of the vote . either the other tribes of Ghana get the message that they let us know whether they are our allies or our enemies because war will surely come sooner or later . we Akans have over 90% of the wealth of the nation but the stupid ayigbe /pepeni group claim a third of their votes came from the fantis but there is not a single substantiate minister who is a true fanti . they wage war against us Akans but when we come our and call foul they say we are liars . we are ready now so let them bring it on . long live the republic of Akan

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insight to the bone on Oct 31, 2013 03:13
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