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2013-10-31 19:12:08
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Asiedu Nketia stop the folly& fixECONOMY

Please find below a "modern" version of the Ewes are dominating us hysteria FROM MY RICH ARCHIVES. Make up you own mind about the import of the purported letter to the "Chronicle."

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>From: Andy K
>Subject: Tribal Conspiracy at Wesley College?
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As you can see, they are still at it, the T-mongers! By their words, we shall know them!

As an Ewe, as you all know of course, I have said no to this kind of
demonisation. I have renounced the "si kpi kpowo" (don't mind them)
mentality which our elders brought us up with, and is out to confront bare hands, if need be, all who think they have grievances against Ewes.

That this should be happening within a church organisation is even more pathetic.

Andy Kwawukume

> Tribal Conspiracy At Wesley College
> In the November 11, 1997 issue of the "Free Press", Mr. A. Bosompem Boaboduro wrote inter alia:
> "That is the reason why a place becomes Ewenized in no time, the moment you put one Ewe there."
> In this write-up we intend to prove why and how there has been a
>conspiracy to subject Ashantis to humiliation, in Wesley College and as a>result Ewenize the college. We know that at the end of it all we will be accused of fanning tribalism, but we are sure that whoever reads this article carefully and objectively will sympathise with us, the students of Wesley College and particularly the Ashantis among us.
> When a little over two years ago it became necessary for the then
>Principal of Wesley College, Rev. Kofi Amponsah to retire from the Ghana Education Service, it became necessary for the Methodist Church to recommend somebody to replace him.
> Also in 1984 when Rev. Brew-Riverson left the college as principal, two people, Rev. Kofi Amponsah and Rev. M. O. Antwi vied for the post of principal of the college. Rev. Kofi Amponsah eventually got the post and Rev. M. O. Antwi was appointed General Manager of Methodist Schools. Now as General Manager, Rev. M. O. Antwi became the Appointing Officer when Rev. Amponsah was to be replaced as the principal of the college in 1996.
> It was at this stage that the conspiracy began. Apparently Rev. M. O. Antwi was peeved because in 1984 an Ashanti was appointed to the post of principal of the college, now that he was the Appointing Officer, he decided to "show" Ashantis, who he had thought, manouvred to side-step him in favour of Rev. Amponsah.
> It is pertinent to note that even though in June 1996, a date was fixed for an interview to select a principal for the college, long before the interview many people in GES circles knew that Rev. Ametefe would be the principle of the college. This, the General Manager was capable of doing, because as the Appointing Officer, he was in a position to advise whatever panel conducted the interview on whom to appoint. So eventually Rev. Ametefe got the post after a farce of an interview had been conducted.
> Now after Rev. Ametefe had got the post of principal, the scene was set to "show" the Ashantis. In less than two years as Principal of Wesley College, Rev. Ametefe's administration has been so fraught with tribalism and mal-administration that if nothing is done about the situation, Wesley College will lose its glory as one of the best training colleges in Ghana.
> Now let me enumerate a few examples of tribalism and poor
>administration under Rev Ametepe. A few months after taking over the
>administration of the college, he declared that he could not work any more with the domestic bursar, her assistant, the college store-keeper, all Ashantis. Although, he could not assign any tangible reason for this action, he put so much pressure on the regional office that the two women were transferred from the college. Our information is that he wanted to replace those transferred with Ewes but he apparently met resistance somewhere.
> In furtherance of his plan to Ewenize the administrative set-up of the college, Rev. Ametefe has made the college librarian (an Ewe), Gershon Tsadidey, virtually a vice-principal of the college. All construction works are under his care.

> Obviously all these are creating tension in the college, and certainly if nothing is done about this, there will soon be an explosion on campus.
> We plead with the GES Directorate in Ashanti and opinion leaders in the region to do something about it. We warn that this should not be
>interpreted as merely crying wolf or making false allegations. Whoever
>doubts what we have said can conduct his own investigations to find out the truth.

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Now, how can appointing a principal to a school in Ghana be the concern of some students? BTW, the Rev. Antwi is most likely an Akan too, as Antwi is a common Akan name, though there are some Ewes of Akan origins with Akan names. And there is a whole bunch of an Ewe sub-group with Ga-Fanti origins marrying with Ewes, the so-called Mina-Ewes centred around southern Togo Republic. Ewes are thus people of mixed linguistic origins, not any single tribal group from the past. Our eventual homeland became the so-called Slave Coast, as some of you surely know already. But that is quite another story, even though it is much a part of the reason for the formation of what I've dubbed "native prejudice" against us by non-Ewe Ghanaians.

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