Show of Power: KMA boss snubs Police chief

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Comment: Re:Kojo Bonsu KMA Boss

Yaw Kusi
2013-11-30 15:13:48
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The story does not depict any evidence of snub or disrespect by Hon. Kojo Bonsu against the Police in any way. The Hon. Mayor honoured the invitation by turning up at the Police station. However, the Hon. Mayor asked to be excused to attend a very important national duty, and maybe, to make himself available at a later time.This police officer must be fair to the KMA boss, and not create the impression that the KMA boss disrespects the Police. What did the police officer want to do? To lock the KMA boss up, or what? Let us be fair to one another in this country, and stop the dirty politicking. I know the Mayor personally, and that is not his style.

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NOT POLICE NOGOTIATIONS on Nov 30, 2013 13:58
Yaw Kusi on Nov 30, 2013 15:13
Re:Kojo Bonsu KMA Boss