Show of Power: KMA boss snubs Police chief

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Comment: Very Disgraced.

2013-11-30 20:36:36
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Show of Power: KMA boss snubs Police chief

This has certainly exposed the type of 'brains' the country is being ruled by considering the IQs of police officers and of course the journalist who even doesn't know that the KMA boss should not have honoured that supid invitation from these crooks.This is a case that should be challenged in the law court in which the KMA boss represented by a state- paid lawyer or attorney.This is not the time these corrupt CID should come in. During the trial, they be there as investigators.Quess how much they took from Odike before he presented his case to them.KMA boss, you knew the law and the sensible ones will have your back.This is not about politics. I am a die hard NPP but you did the right to these bastards.

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