Business News Mon, 2 Feb 2015

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ECG privatisation: Gov’t to select transaction advisor this month

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Kwabena Yeboah
2015-02-02 21:10:49
Comment to:
ECG privatisation: Gov’t to select transaction a

Why can't the black man do anything right? Are we so stupid and dumb that we are selling our veritable institutions block by block without caring about the implication our diabolical acts?

Electricity is like air and water, it is so vital to our basic existence and development, and the stupid and callous black man wants to privatize this? Electricity is a public good and any fool who attempts to privatize must be beheaded. When will this buffoonery of the black man stop?

We black people have not put an end to our diabolical ways after centuries. First of all, we fought among ourselves and captured our own people and sold them into slavery - the only race in the world that captured their own people and sold them for stupid things like mirror, liquor, gun powder and other useless things. Then we gained independence in 1957, thanks to Nkrumah. One would think after independence the black man is capable to govern himself and takeover his own destiny. No, the plunder continues with Rawlings selling off everything Nkrumah built to foreigners - about 300 state owned corporations were sold to Lebanese, Syrians, Indians, you name it. This idiot sold these corporations at the time his government has devalued the cedi down to nothing? The sad part of this pillaging is that the stupid Rawlings made sure that companies like GIHOC and other important state owned corporation were split into pieces and sold to these foreigners exclusively.

Then the thief Kufuor and his NPP came to power and made sure that they finished pillaging Rawlings and his PNDC/NDC have started. Kufuor sold the most important treasure in our land, Ashanti Goldfields Ltd. Anglogold. He literally gave it away for nothing and went on to have a lavish party at Buckingham Palace with the Queen. All our rich gold lands - Obuasi, Prestea, and others are leased out to Anglogold for 55 years as part of the sale. How devious can a black man be.

Now they want to sell our electricity to line their pockets. Tweeaaaaa, the black man is the most useless and hopeless creation the Almighty God put out there. It makes me sad that I was born black, I wish I can do something about my makeup.

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Kwabena Yeboah on Feb 2, 21:10