General News Tue, 3 Feb 2015

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'Dumsor': Power Minister’s promise "doubtful" – Energy Consultant

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Mike Segbafah, Accra.
2015-02-03 22:47:43
Comment to:
'Dumsor': Power Minister’s promise "doubtful"

The President did employ to rehash the problems of the Power sector Ghanaians to hear. We know the problems and the efforts made so far to amaliorate them. What we want to hear from you, Mr. POWER MINISTER,are your novel and pragmatic ideas, plans and programmes to resolve crisis. Threatening us with your resignation is meaningless unless it linked up with a positive Legacy you are able to leaveus. In other words, if you are not able to put on the table any workable ideas to solve the current crisis in the immediate short term, you can resign tomorrow morning and noone will care.
Suggestions: 1.Cause a legislation through parliament under cert.of urgency, compelling all condos and similar structures _ private and public_ built between 2005 and 2014(10years, to install Solar Panels capable of producing at least 60per cent of their electricity needs. Church condos,banks. Shopping malls, private schools, etc,MUST BE INCLUDED. Imports of these items forDIRECT CONSUMPTION,must be admitted at concessionary import duty and VAT rates. All those host of levies,taxes, etc, must also be appropriately reduced.ON NO ACCOUNT MUST any direct consumer seek any further concession,evev from the Head ofState. Such imports for direct consumption by the importer must be made with SIX MONTHS of the effective date of the law. No extension must be allowed.All other commercial imports must attract the normal rates. 2,.All ongoing and future structures must have provisions for solar installations.3.Regular abd rigorous monitoring is the key to success in this project.
I believe, Mr. Minister, you also can think if other innovative ways of solving the current crisis, because the sur vival of this govt and your depend on the successful solution of this crisis.And, for Christs sake, do not threaten with your resignation, because you are not indispensable! Just think outside the box and you will be fine. BUT, DONT THINK OF CLEAN COAL, ALL COAL PLANTS IN THE US ARE BEING PHASED OUT BY OBAMA,.for your information.Besides, we will need milloins of dollars to import coal. We already have cheap Atosbo gas.God bless.

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Mike Segbafah, Accra. on Feb 3, 22:47