Mahama is lucky Mills died – Bugri Naabu

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Comment: murderous wolf in sheep's clothing

insight to the bone
2015-11-16 12:29:35
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Who killed Atta Mills. ?

Akufo Addo has many faults and too many mistakes in his choice of associates as if his brain has been amputated of common sense and the culture of security by accepting all . He is the most popular politician today only because he is the lesser of the evils and still has the potential to actually move the country forward. Today the out spoken appear to be northerners and non Akans as Akans are still recovering and have learned to be over cautious in public statements least they be murdered or some other accident be organized by the ewes/northerners . Even here on this site and forum one can not help but notice any Akan who endeavors to speak the truth is immediately branded insane, mad or a thousand insults rained upon him , just look at the comments below the featured articles. Freedom is meant for only the ayigbe/pepeni , Gas , Adas but all Akans have no right of true expression without the vicious malicious attacks , just imagine what the situation is like in reality so the Bishops were right in encouraging people to speak . They hound the NPP from within using their spies , sleepers while continuing indiscriminately the onslaught from all calibers of cannon but fail to notice the campaign to remove NDC from there is not organized by the NPP. The fight has now taken to the underground and its been going on for the past 3 years from mouth to ear in privacy , NPP , PPP or any other opposition force need not go spend huge budgets in posters as the work has already been done. Any credible pollster today will see in all Akan areas especially among the Fantes that NDC can not get even 5% of the vote and the people are determined even if it means war not to allow NDC to stay. Now this Bawumia they say is so great doesnt impres me , i looked at one of his interviews and any expert at body language and facial involuntary grimaces will tell you this individual is diabolically dishonest. Yes he speaks many truths but somehow omits to give the complete story. He says Mahama has govt of family and friends but stop short of say its deeply rooted in tribalism and hegemony. He mentions the borrowing and how after value for money analysis we have been robbed but stops short of mentioning where the money really went , to the pockets of corrupt northerners , ewes Gas etc for their good life while we Akans will be left to be blamed.He mentions the debt created by Mahama is over ten times what Kuffuor left and this incompetent govt has nothing to show except fat bank accounts in mainly Muslim countries . He fails to mention the good will of the majority Akans has been seriously violated and abuse by his fellow northerners and instead of calling for honesty participates in the cover up. He never says anything about the prejudice and discrimination against the Akans or tells his people to distance themselves from participating in such injustices . Time will tell and we shall see he is also a ndc mole placed strategically placed to control the exhaust pipe of opposition and resentment of this wicked govt.

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murderous wolf in sheep's clothing
muhammed on Nov 16, 2015 15:43