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Comment: Mahama Threat to Ghana's Security

Fools Die
2015-11-16 13:06:43
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Mahama Threat to Ghana's Security
The misuse of Ghana's resources by Mahama couple with the huge debts that he is saddling this nation with, is a threat to the security of this nation. If you borrow and waste the money on projects which costs 10 times its actual cost and also share it to ur friends like RLG, just like the GHc 200million loan that was taken for SADA from Stanbic Bank, then it beats my mind that Ghanaians dont see this Mahama as a threat to they and generations to come security. Ghanaians wake up b4 its too late.

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Mahama Threat to Ghana's Security
muhammed on Nov 16, 2015 15:43