Mahama is lucky Mills died – Bugri Naabu

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Comment: What Hatred Can Do

Asea Ho
2015-11-16 14:02:40
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Mahama is lucky Mills died – Bugri Naabu

Granted Mahama became president in 2012 when Atta Mills died. It was not Luck it is a constitutional arrangement. The truth is that the 2012 election was not based on Mill's death it was on merit between the candidates and Ghanaians voted for Mahama. What is Naabu's problem.

After all Kufour died (politically) in 2008. Why didn't Nana Addo win the election?

By the way why didn't NPP endorse Kufour's vice, Alliu Mahama, as Presidential candidate when Kuffour died? It is in answering this that Mahama said in NDC selection of the Presidential Candidate is based on merit and not tribalism or nepotism as the case of the NPP. Mahama nowhere in his speech on Saturday said northerners should vote for him because he is a northerner. Naabu is lying out of hatred.

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What Hatred Can Do
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