Mahama is lucky Mills died – Bugri Naabu

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2015-11-16 14:03:50
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Re: Mahama is lucky Mills died – Bugri Naabu

This behaviour makes nonsense the stupid "honest northerner syndrome". You are begining to know the true nature of this "honest northerner syndrome". They hide behind this syndrome to deny help to fellow northerners and to also exhibit the deep-seated character of sabotaging fellow northerners. Unlike other groups these people who are highly drunk in the stupid "honest northerner syndrome" enjoy seeing their kind dependent on them so that every morning they can come to them to "YES SIR" them for a few coins. It is unfortunate but that is their nature: very jealous and always want to be the ones that must be heard, seen and recognized. This is one of of the development challenges in the north. People from other parts of Ghana will not lead the development in the north. It has to be driven by northerners interest in investing their savings in the north. But how can we develop the north with this kind of jealous and hate mentality. A mentality that is uncooperative and always want to be the one or no other northerner.

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