Mahama is lucky Mills died – Bugri Naabu

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Comment: so insensitive!

2015-11-16 18:00:51
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Mahama is lucky Mills died – Bugri Naabu

Puffed! This idiot of a chairman is so insensitive to the family of our late president. Personally, I would have nothing to do with any group of people who would spew out such insensitive gabbage just because of politics, especially when they are old and are expected to be wise. Bugri Naabu, for your information, John Mahama won the 2012 elections squarely by defeating your NPP candidate. This is plain and simple. You may want to spend your energy finding out why akufo addo is so unattractive to Ghanaian voters and continues to see his election fortunes dwindling by the day, and leave our dear late president to rest in peace. And all these people are supposed to be elders of a certain party? Mcheeeew.......

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