I won't extend my contract - Grant

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Comment: Can't take no more destructive criticism

Joe Tex(as)
2015-11-30 15:43:01
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I won't extend my contract - Grant

I am very sure he will leave even before his contract expires. Ghanaians it seemed don't appreciate his work. In stead of dwelling on his output, some journalists prefer to make his off the field shortcomings a big issue. Yes he can be criticised for not staying in Ghana and watching the local lads. But his achievement after a short period in charge should be appreciated and criticisms must be even handed and constructive. I will understand very well if he leaves or do not renew his contract. He would be very much appreciated by another country and perhaps earn more. That will not be the first time a coach has left the Black Stars because of stupid and destructive criticisms from sections of the media and some ignorant and uninformed Ghanaians. That will be give the opportunity for the GFA to appoint a Ghanaian coach. It will give us another opportunity to see if only a Ghanaian coach is best for the Black Stars as some useless people continue to tell us.

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Joe Tex(as) on Nov 30, 2015 15:43
Can't take no more destructive criticism