I won't extend my contract - Grant

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Comment: Get it together GhanaWeb

2015-12-01 02:02:47
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Correct the heading

@ Ted. Exactly! I am no longer surprised by the things written in the Sports section on Ghanaweb. It's pretty obvious the misleading headline was to get readers to click the article. Listening to A. Grant's previous interviews about other situations regarding the Black Stars, I knew he wouldn't make a premature statement like the headline implies. I just came here to read how far the editor of this article would spread false information. It's sad that people are insulting A. Grant and believing the lies written in this article. This sports section is pretty much a joke, most, if not all of the articles written here are cut and pasted from other Ghana sports media outlets. Grant clearly Stated, his focus is on now, how does that translate to Grant leaving the Black Stars?

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