Bill of indictment on Afoko almost ready - AG

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Comment: Oh Afoko what ve you done to ur family?

2016-01-24 13:15:38
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Bill of indictment on Afoko almost ready - AG

All this misfortunes occurred as a result of Paul Afoko and kwabena Agyapong if they were discreet on the actions and powers they exhibited as national officers of the npp,Gregory didn't need afokos ok before taking the actions he took leading to the death of the late chairman Adams.As a national chairman many people would like to please you once they re connected to you,so if Afoko and Agyapong wanted to be respected as such should've first done same to the regional chair but to sidestep his powers just because you people held higher offices at the national level sparked off all this confusions.Afoko lost his father,got his brother arrested for murder and got suspended as a national chairman all because of one wrong and childish move,again he's going to lose his court case and the npp ll win power that ll shock him to the bone,if I was Afoko I ll throw my wait behind Nana Addo to repair my image first burry my father and join the campaign of the npp religiously and not behave like an ostrich.

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