Ghana is a nation in crisis – Akufo-Addo

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Comment: RIDDLE RIDDLE !!!!

2016-02-29 12:39:18
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I am a short dark bare headed man who has never experienced the good qualities of a grey hair. I lost all my hair through thick cummulous wee smoke I got myself into and now causing me kidney failure.

My great grandfather is a traitor and a thief; my father followed his steps and ended up in prison,

I inherited all their ill-gotten wealth; lived a loose life in the streets of London and Germany, patronised a special brothel booth in “red light” street in the Netherlands. As for my schooling I boycotted lectures so no certificate to show. As my monies were dissipating I remembered what my father dreamt of me when I visited him in his cell. My Father dreamt that I am the head of state and has ordered his released from prison. He cautioned me about my ill life style but I didn’t heed to him because I knew the old boy was suffering from hay fever. My father strictly cautioned again that if I have to sell all the properties to become what he dreamt of I have to.

I was living my life after the old boy passed on to the ancestors and my father’s friends and partners in crime impressed upon me to fulfil the dream my father had about me when he was in prison that I will one day become the head of state.(Some of them pose as men of God) I have thought of it as a great opportunity to loot big time to replenish what I have wasted; that’s why I desist to take part in the property grabbing and looting galore in a certain regime I was part of though I managed to pocket the balance of some sale of national properties with my father’s cronies.

I have done my best to obtain a ticket to fulfil my father’s dream to become head of state through my invincible forces by organising demonstration, burning markets, Sabotaging national programs, beating my party Chairman and Secretary, blowing false alarms, lying about the state of the economy, boycotting state conferences, litigations in the courts, dirty street campaigns, pushing organisations to strike and many more. I have also become a chameleon: turned into Muslim, Christian, Hindi, Buddhist, Gay and Fetish now I don’t even know what I believe in.

I have also sold all the treasures bequeathed to me on my way to “flag staff house” Unfortunately failure has been my portion and I’m over 70 years of age; my father too is no more. This is not my dream but my fathers.

Who am I?

GIVE YOUR ANSWERS……HEHEHE I have not mention anyone’s name oo

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