Mahama’s fight against corruption a sham – Akufo-Addo mocks

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Comment: John Mahama Will Make Ghana Better

Kwame Anshong
2016-03-01 00:15:52
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Great Presidents are born out of great situations. Before Mahama became President he was serving as the Vice President of Ghana working for the country whenever the President at that time, President Mills (RIP) was sick.

Unfortunately Mills died and Mahama was called upon to carry the future of this country. He has not looked back since, neither has he disappointed Ghanaians in his style of leadership. He has elevated the office of the President and has brought it honour.

His decisions and plans for this countries are ones very few Presidents can think of. He thinks in the future and always sees the bigger picture. For instance he says he wants to make Ghana the net exporter of Electricity and so within the shortest possible time he has added 600KW to the electricity capacity generation of this country and plans to add extra 2000Kw.

He also says he wants to make Ghana a medical hub in the sub region and so he has established the CHIPSS compound all across the country and has has expanded the capacity of most hospitals in Ghana. Clearly Mahama is making and will make Ghana better.

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Kwame Anshong on Mar 1, 00:15
John Mahama Will Make Ghana Better