Mahama’s fight against corruption a sham – Akufo-Addo mocks

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Comment: Corrupt Nana Addo, Shut Up

Kwame Anshong
2016-03-01 00:38:39
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Mahama’s fight against corruption a sham – Aku

How can a corrupt Nana Addo tell a clean Mahama that his fight against Corruption is a sham. Unlike Mahama who doesn't have his name stained with corruption, Nana Addo has earned several badges as being corrupt.

He has no morale right to say that Mahama's fight against corruption is a sham. Under his watch as the Attoney General of Ghana, Cocaine turned into White Powder. Under his watch as a Foreign Minister, 12 Diplomatic Passports went missing and one was later found with a drug dealer.

Even within his own party, a committee was formed to investigate issues of some illegal payments made to him. It is also on record that 13 ministers of his party under the Kufour erstwhile administration acquired state lands, houses in a very corrupt manner. Therefore Nana Addo should be made to shut up because he Nana is very corupt

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Kwame Anshong on Mar 1, 00:38
Corrupt Nana Addo, Shut Up