Nana Addo: The ‘Spy Bill’ before parliament a major threat´

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Comment: Ha, "fight crime", I bet!

Bridgett Marie Dockray
2016-02-29 23:44:24
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Nana Addo: The ‘Spy Bill’ before parliament a

SPY on CRIMINALS? That says it all. Spy Bill= You are criminals who want other ppl to sign a contract allowing you to be better and freer and more powerful criminals then they are. why? Because SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST( aka lying-EST) andWTF PSYCHPATHS. ?!, man. FUCK that. ugh THEYRE JUST ASSHOLES FUCK EM AND THEIR STUPID BS BILL!

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Bridgett Marie Dockray on Feb 29, 2016 23:44
Ha, "fight crime", I bet!