Nana Addo: The ‘Spy Bill’ before parliament a major threat´

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Comment: FUCKIN ASSSSSHOLE! I spy, motherfucker!(

Bridgett Marie Dockray
2016-03-01 00:03:01
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IF SOME PEOPLE CAN SPY WITH THE TECH THIS "ALLOWS" YOU ACCESS TO BUT NOT ALL PEOPLE, THE SPIES INHERENTLY BECOME THE THREAT. INEVITABLY! this bill is bad news bears, unless it makes the ability to spy like this immediately available to anybody outside of prison systems, i.e. TO ALL WHO WE WOULD PRESUME ARE NOT CRIMINALS JUST LIKE WE SUSPEND OUR DISBELIEF(tragically, lazily, retardedly..) IN BELIEVING ABOUT THE POLITICAL AUTHORITIES THAT CONTROL THIS SHIT MORE DIRECTLY WHEN WE ASSUME THEIR FOREVER INTEGRITY AND HONEST BENEVOLENCE. As if they won't be corrupted by the humanity which government is "*supposed*" to need to exist FOR, to keep the world orderly and fair and award a measure of comfort in social agreement to all. If criminals abound fuck it, I don't need you strangers who aren't me havin my back, you fuckin psychopaths, gimme equal access to the weapon to defend against evil that you have there and I'll accept responsibility to take care of myself using it not-evilly.. And I won't abuse the shit out of it (I'd like to believe) UNLIKE SOME PEOPLEFUCKING *AHEM-AHEM.*

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Bridgett Marie Dockray on Mar 1, 00:03
FUCKIN ASSSSSHOLE! I spy, motherfucker!(