Roads: NPP did 8 times more than NDC – Nana Addo

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Comment: What is the sense In this

2016-02-29 17:04:08
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Nana Addo where is your law certificate?

President was boasting of his Achievements and he was telling him his so called achievement was nothing as compared to Luffour.Looking at the monies they have spent on those roads.When Kuffour was in power fuel was $148 a barrel and we were buying it at 5ghs NDC went on demonstration with mosquito n co now same barrel is below $30how much is a price of fuel over 15ghs yet Kwasi Prat and people like don't see anything wrong but rather choose to insult Nana.We must be critical on our leaders and vote out no performing guys out and applaud the good guys.Everywhere in Ghana now is a mess whyyy?

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Yad on Feb 29, 2016 17:04
What is the sense In this