#SoNa: Mahama, MPs behaved like football fans - Prof. Adei

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Comment: I disagree with prof comment

Abiwu Lawrence
2016-03-03 15:21:49
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#SoNa: Mahama, MPs behaved like football fans - Pr

I think the comment by Prof Adei is misplaced. This is not how he should approach the situation. Describing the prez and MPs as behaving like football fans is not the appropriate words to be used. Prof has traveled to a lot of countries and this is a common phenomenon in most parliaments. I am happy about the way the minority and the Majority side acted with much professionalism. If prof has soon forgotten let me remind him of what happen recently when Prez. Jacob Zuma delivered his state of the nation's address. It is unfortunate that prof used such words to describe the first gentleman of the land and MPs.

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Abiwu Lawrence on Mar 3, 15:21
I disagree with prof comment