#SoNa: Mahama, MPs behaved like football fans - Prof. Adei

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Comment: Re: worse that football fans

2016-03-03 16:06:56
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worse that football fans

They are worse than football fans,football fans don't interrupt the game,they jubilate when a goal is scored but that was not what happened in parliament recently,what happened was a disgrace that should not be compare to anything in the world,you can only compare that to violent demonstration.

Also we should try as much as we can to limit the time for that event to a maximum of two hours including all activities,president speaking for over four hours is just too much,they can summarise what the president has to say, to keep visitors including diplomats in that room for over four hours just doesn't make sense.

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CORNEY on Mar 3, 16:06
Re: worse that football fans