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Ghana needs a new constitution - Akuoko Sarpong

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Comment: So Long As Chiefs Don't Interfere In Ind

G. K. Berko
2016-03-08 13:29:43
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Ghana needs a new constitution - Akuoko Sarpong

So long as Chiefs do not interfere in the access of individuals to their basic democratic rights, there may be a role for them outside their traditional containment.

But if the wishes of the Agogo Manhene amount to having Chiefs wield any more imposing authority over the people, he, and his fellow royalists, must well remain where they are.

We see the pre-Independence arguments that the UP/NLM leaders put forward to demand Federalism against Nkrumah's choice of Unitary Government rearing its head again, but in a slightly veiled form.

No one has hindered the Chiefs from leading or initiating developmental programs for their localities. They have not been doing so for a number of reasons, prominent among which is their own lack of integrity and selflessness. Most are just simply selfish!

Most of our modern Chiefs are educated but have done little to promote the education of their own folks. Many people believe the Chiefs withhold that leadership into wider and higher education of their folks because they see their newly acquired literacy as a way to restore some of the lost advantage their stool occupiers used have over the subjects, and have no desire to lose that again to the People. Folks must remember the Chiefs initially even rejected Western Education.

We all know how most of our modern Chiefs have often ignored the Town, Local, and District Councils or Committees to impose selfish interests on the Communities, under the guise that only the Chiefs know what is best for their areas. The Chiefs loathe the Councils and Committees because they see these organizations as limiting their grip on the People and the assets of their areas. Such conflicts devolve into power struggles.

The common conflicts between the Chiefs and the Councils are reflective of how the Chiefs insist on their selfish interests versus resistance of the Councils to deprive the Citizens of their assets to please the Chiefs.

That, also, largely explains the uptick of Chieftaincy disputes all over the Country, in recent times. We see folks who are not even part of the Royal families by blood but had their ancestors serve in the Palaces striving to claim the Stools to either obliterate their past alien-status, or egoistically make a point of their eminence as have been derived from higher education or wealth.

Others in constant feud for the stool are driven by sheer greed, wishing to take control of whatever is left of the Royal wealth or assets to serve their parochial interests.

So, we must be alert and very critical of any renewed efforts by the Royals to claim more Political influence in the Country.

Long Live Ghana!!!

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So Long As Chiefs Don't Interfere In Ind