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Ghana needs a new constitution - Akuoko Sarpong

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Nii Okai
2016-03-08 14:01:01
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Ghana needs a new constitution - Akuoko Sarpong

If in the past l had made a comment that Ghana has no visionary leader, then today l ought to accept that we have one, in the person of his excellency honorable Nana Akuoko Sarpong, the smartest, wise, and the visionary leader who had been honest and bold to say in public that the constitution had done us bad than good in many ways.

Party politics has divided the nation into pieces which had shifted us away from real development into political and tribal anger, hatred, foolishness and without any cooperation in the area of development since political parties undermine themselves daily on every national issues. ONE PARTY RULE MIGHT HAVE BEEN BETTER.

In real practical terms the British, the Americans etc are in shadow leadership of our nation thus we remain less smart and foolish in a way that we can not visualise or to figure out what may be the best for our development.

Reading more about the development of Singapore, it became vividly clear that after their independence, they put the British constitution left with them and came out with their own to help develop their nation. Today, with their move in that line of action, the whole world have seen where they are.

Even with their educational system they devised a strategy of approach, and today they have the best educational system in the world. That today the best 30 graduates are selected to teach the primary schools in order to develop the pupils with high intelligence; a mind of school of thought that can never be strategised in our Ghana.

In education, as said by Nana Akuoko Sarpong, today the varsities have lost focus so they compete foolshly. Sadly too, there is no interest in technical education, the sin qua non to national development. Both the private and the public ones are all foolishly engaged in ADMINSTRATION, LAW, HUMANITIES and what one can think of in that line of studies. Wake up Ghana.

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