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Ghana needs a new constitution - Akuoko Sarpong

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Comment: Nana Akuoko

2016-03-08 16:31:13
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1. I don't think the constitution is the problem, because NOT every single article in it is bad.

Therefore, reviews and amendments, not a replacement, are the solution.
You can't tell me that a replacement will see every article in the current one jettisoned.

2. Conflict of interest: Bar parliamentarians from becoming Ministers. They must concentrate on making laws and providing oversight to the Executive branch.

If a person is tasked with making laws (Parliamentarian), and that person has to execute the laws and policies (Minister), how does s/he supervise her/himself against possible breach of the laws?

3. The constitution did not create a 2-party system. Even though 2 parties dominate, it's not really a 2-party system, as other parties do exist. It's rather a multi-party system.

4. The perceived polarisation is an outgrowth of partisanship and tribalism, and that has little to do with the constitution.

People are just so poor that they see political success as the key to financial success, and when parties are seen to be tribe-based rather nation- or philosophy-based, the scramble for power becomes more abrasive as resource-sharing rants and personal aggrandisement become more pervasive.

Bottom Line:
No number of replacement of constitutions (1st Republic, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc) will do anything until we ENFORCE THE LAWS, forcing us to change our behaviour.

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