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Ghana needs a new constitution - Akuoko Sarpong

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Comment: Foolish Chief

Yaw Omama
2016-03-08 17:57:48
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Ghana needs a new constitution - Akuoko Sarpong

Look at who is talking. Akuako Sarpong has only brought misery to the people of Agogo.If he has anything better to offer let us look at his record in Agogo. He is a corrupt good for nothing chief. He is one of the reasons why chiefs in Ghana are loosing their respect. They are irrelevant is society now. Gone were the days when chiefs have laws to preserve our water bodies, our forest and animals. Now they have become corrupt self seeking people. Akuoko can go fuck himself and rot in hell

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Ambitious Armstrong Ephraim on Mar 8, 12:53
Yaw Omama on Mar 8, 17:57