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Ghana needs a new constitution - Akuoko Sarpong

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Comment: Honesty & integrity

Joe Bee
2016-03-10 18:02:34
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Ghana needs a new constitution - Akuoko Sarpong

Akuoko Sarpong was in Rawlings's government for a very long time busy making his money. Since when has he realised the gaps or lapses in the constitution? I am aware that people have the capacity to make recommendations for corrections upon critical reflection but when the same people look the other way due to their personal gains, it becomes difficult to accept the sincerity of their stand or recommendations. Today in Ghana, RESPECT is missing in our values and ethical lives because people who should set the pace in role modelling, are sadly serving their parochial interests. It saddens my heart really because to me, success should not only mean the acquisition of financial wealth but to a larger extent, a faithful stewardship. That mentality is what most leaders lack in Ghana. It is a great honour to have the privilege to serve ones' country in whatever capacity. Therefore people should leave behind a mark of respect and dignity due to posterity. Tetteh Quashie's name is still mentioned with a great deal of respect and reverence by Ghanaians not because of how much wealth he possessed personally, but because of his immense contribution to national development. A word to the wise is enough.

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Ambitious Armstrong Ephraim on Mar 8, 12:53
Joe Bee on Mar 10, 2016 18:02
Honesty & integrity