General News Tue, 26 Jul 2016

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Force dumsor schedule out of ECG - ACEP to PURC

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Comment: NDC graduating thieves and murderers

Gyeeda, Sada, Suba,Bus Branding Woyom
2016-07-26 13:49:43
Comment to:
Force dumsor schedule out of ECG - ACEP to PURC

I have a question for these thwarts pleading for the release of these hardened criminals. “Had Chief Justice Madam Theodora Wood been their mother, would these fools be asking for the release of these NDC criminals?” Have they thought about what they planned to do to the justices? If the snake will not bite, it will not snarl at you so these hardened criminals deserve to be given the firing squad instead.
For some time now we have witnessed NPP parliamentarians and high rank officials being murdered in their homes by party affiliates of NDC criminals. We have seen NDC pay big sums of money to NPP insiders like Afoko, Kwabena Agyapong, Baah Akyemfuor and a few other greedy NPP insiders who plan with these NDC criminals to orchestrate these murderous activities in the dark. This has been going on under our watch but since they are NDC, even when taken to court, Mahama lets them off the hook.
The right of might speeds the might of right and that the Muntie trio deserve to be taken out of sight so as to deter all those who have similar plans to do same. Please Justices of the Supreme Court, do it to them as the law requires. If it were to have been in the United States, these fools would have been executed a long time ago. They deserve to pay for the items bought with equal amount in kind

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