General News Tue, 26 Jul 2016

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Force dumsor schedule out of ECG - ACEP to PURC

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2016-07-26 21:39:10
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Force dumsor schedule out of ECG - ACEP to PURC

Mahama loves Ghana, that is the reason why he became president so that he will put in place relevant measures for Ghana to develop.

But it is clear that his methods and tactics are not helping Ghana, as many businesses are collapsing under his administration. And I don't think Mahama is happy about what is happening.

So if the methods and tactics, he thought would help Ghana, are not yielding fruitful results, what makes it wrong for him to pave way for another person to come and try his luck?

If you are a Medical Doctor Who loves a certain patient but upon all the efforts you have put in place, the patient is not recovering, as his condition is becoming worse and worse. And another Medical Doctor says that he can help the patient to recover very fast, will you not allow that Medical Doctor to try his methods, if you truly love the patient and don't want to lose him?

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