Lordina Mahama in vote-buying spree - NPP

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Comment: Why everybody wants to travel to USA?

2016-08-17 19:07:16
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Lordina Mahama in vote-buying spree - NPP

It is every Ghanaian's dream to travel to America. I thank God that I am living in the US with my family. I am also praying that the NDC supporters will get chance to travel to the US to see how a country is run. In USA, you cannot 'steal' one Dollar and go scot-free; you will be jailed. Unlike Ghana where one person (Asiedu Nketia) can steal 89 Million Dollars and the members of his party support him. "How can we have enough chickens, while we eat our eggs?" Wayoomi case is no exception. In USA, the law is working perfectly for the goodness of the whole people. In Ghana, NDC is the law of the land. Every department of our Ministries is not working. Corruption is the order of the day, because there are no checks and balances. Even the President Mahama himself and his Ministers are corrupt to the highest degree. America is great because there is no corruption. Ghana is retrogressing because our leaders are corrupt.

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yensiamoa on Aug 17, 2016 19:07
Why everybody wants to travel to USA?