Mahama Flies in Helicopter, oblivious of bad roads - Eugene Arhin

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Comment: MR. BOND

Champion Atta
2016-08-19 06:03:16
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Re: Mahama Flies in Helicopter, oblivious of bad r

Mr. Bond, do you know the problem you have as a party (NPP) and also as a party supporter? You underestimate the reasoning capacity of others! Which part of the country is 'NOT CRYING' for some better roads? Can they all BE DONE in 4 years only by the party in power? Has NOTHING AT ALL NOT BEEN DONE? If the NPP had a very well planned out manifesto which they can present to the people, acknowledging what is in existence, but tell the electorates what MORE AND BETTER programs they will put in place, it would have served their campaign well. The FACT is that the Western Region had wanted more from the oil for themselves, which cannot be possible. Why? since independence we have thrived on, the whole for our development on revenue from cocoa, diamond, gold, timber etc till we found oil, it is for Ghana's development as a whole. The jab at Nana Addo for SLEEPING whilst travelling along new roads in the Western Region HURTS him Nana Addo and his supporters as it gives the IMPRESSION of HIM BEING WEAK, AN OLD MAN, WHO FALLS ASLEEP AS SOON AS HE SITS IN HIS CAMPAIGN VEHICLE, AND IS WOKEN WHEN THE CONVOY REACHES ITS NEXT STOP! Nana Addo needs not acknowledge the NDC projects, if he does not want to, but he must not ACT AND PRETEND they are not there either, it MAKES HIM LOOK LIKE A LIAR, AND DISTORT HIS MESSAGE. The president then adds the icing on the cake, and all his spins fall down. Credibility is very important here. This election is NOT like 2000, where NDC had been in power for SO LONG, people WANTED A CHANGE, NOT like 2008, when people HAD SEEN too what the NPP COULD DO, The switch back to NDC and Mills was because Mills presented a NEW FACE TO NDC, He presented a new program, he DID NOT dwell on NPP's shortcomings alone to win. JDM this YOUNG DYNAMIC leader(member of the YOUNG SCHOOL boys association of GHANA), unlike Nana Addo a member of the OLD SCHOOL boys association of Gold Coast, understand modern trends of doing things! EXECELLENT LEADERSHIP, PROPER MANNER OF SPEAKING AND RELATING TO OTHERS, EVEN PERCEIVED OPPONENTS, POSITIVE BRANDING OF SELF-IMAGE, DECENT AND EFFECTIVE STYLE OF CAMPAIGNING, EXCELLENT MANAGEMENT AND HANDLING OF PARTY AND COUNTRY IN GOOD AND HARD TIMES, BRILLIANT HANDLING OF INTERNATIONAL RELATION ISSUES PROPER USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA(BY THE WAY DOES NANA TWITS? FACEBOOK?) Former President Kuffour observed from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE THAT A FOUR YEAR TERM for the president was not enough, he suggested it could be made 7 year one term. I agree that the term for the President should be longer, BUT I THINK TOO THAT WE, THE PEOPLE SHOULD PROTECT OURSELVES AGAINST BAD LEADERSHIP, JUST IN CASE, SO WE OUGHT TO BE ALLOWED TO VOTE. JDM MUST GO A SECOND TERM. IT IS IN NANA ADDO DESTINY NOT TO BE, IT DOES NOT MEAN NPP MAY NOT COME TO POWER. MR. BOND BY THE WAY IS IT TRUE JDM "DOLED" OUT $250 MILLION TO AMERI? THIS AKUA DONKOR AND THIS NIGERIA OVATION MAN ISSUES ARE TOO PETTY TO WIN YOU VOTES! YOU OUGHT TO REALIZE THIS, I DON'T KNOW WHAT NANA ADDO WILL DO IN PLACE OF JDM. AT LEAST CAN YOU NOT HELP BY FURTHER PROPAGATING HIS PROMISES?

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Champion Atta on Aug 19, 2016 06:03