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Ghanaians support me – Mahama

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Mr Bond
2016-08-22 15:24:26
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Ghanaians support me – Mahama

Ghanaians don't support the president whose actions and inaction has collapse your NHIS and disrespect your health.Ghanaian workers don't support a president who has sold your pension to his brother to take 90 % of your pension and recently use your pension proceeds to buy and own $1 million Benz at the expense of your pension.Ghanaian workers don't support the president who claim he woun't paid you your premium but find money to buy goodies and sharing goods like HoHohooo Father Christmas Santa Cruse arrived from North Pole sharing his presents.Ghanaians don't support the president who is stealing your money.Resently parliament lead by NDC majority approve early energy bill of 400 MW which cause Ghanaians at $647 million and NDC majority parliament approve it at $975 million a daylight robbery of over $300 million.Ghanaians why did you want to support a president who refuse to prove hospitals with common essential life saving oxygen so that our relatives and siblings dead.Ghanaians are you going to support this president who is going to fire you from work which is IMF bailout condition.And don't care about what you and your children will eat and he has already collapse school feeding too.

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Mr Bond on Aug 22, 2016 15:24
Re: Ghanaians support me – Mahama