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Status of allowances will influence our vote – Trainee nurses

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Comment: Do what work?

John Mahama
2016-09-11 09:20:15
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Allowances will influence our votes

What other alternative work has this incompetent John Thief Mahama created for students in Ghana? Talking about other countries because we are a developing country, do u think those leaders in other developing countries are so daft to be buying V8 SUV's for Chiefs and cronies,Sole sourcing contracts and increasing contract prices 4x the normal prices instead of real development? Be a real patriot and don't just be a sycophant. Travel and see and u will understand that the current administration is highly wicked, incompetent, very corrupt and great liars. Thieves in Gonja clothing

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John Mahama on Sep 11, 2016 09:20