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NDC paid Bawumia’s school fees - Limuna alleges

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Comment: How I wish this blabber will be sued!

2016-10-03 23:46:39
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Bawumia’s school fees were paid for by NDC - Lim

This is a very serious comment ohhh:

"He argues, “Dr Bawumia’s bills while in school was paid by the National Democratic Congress and he’s a beneficiary of the good will of the party thus we are waiting and praying he realizes he’s with the wrong political party”.

He has no proof of this and is blabbing all along. I hope no one takes "sorry as his final answer" if he is asked to prove this and he comes back and says something different. This big mouth - until some sues one really big money, people will continue to blab.

I'd love to sue and give the proceeds to charity then it will teach people to think before they speak.

You know what he did to put himself through school? Go to the UK and Canada then come again. Shame on you, sir blabber!.

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Ataa on Oct 3, 23:46
How I wish this blabber will be sued!
aaaaaaa on Oct 4, 06:51