God is my witness - Mahama

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Comment: Nana Addo thief n liar

Abdul Mutalib
2016-10-08 11:03:23
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God is my witness - Mahama

NPP youth wing u and ur leaders are all a bunch of hypocrites and lies.U r the first class in armed rubberis.U and ur leader Nana Addo has first degree in stealing.crazy activists,fools who doesn't understand the meaning of politics.Because u don't have anybody to advise u you always open ur mouth like sheath.stop insulting our prez ooo or else u will face the wrath of ur arrogance.Fools..

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Abdul Mutalib on Oct 8, 11:03
Nana Addo thief n liar
WARA WHIRI KOTOM on Oct 8, 11:20