Entertainment Sun, 9 Oct 2016

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Former FIPAG PRO lists recipient ‘celebs’ of NDC cars

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Comment: Yuroba Alata Anago Ola

2016-10-09 19:09:01
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Former FIPAG PRO lists recipient ‘celebs’ of N

We Ghanians pride ourselves on loving foreigners.Nigerians on the other hand simply say Ghanians are a docile people.what this means is that these Nigerians and other Foreigners including even Togolese and poor Boukinabes come to our own country and dorminate us like we are mere zombies. look at this Yuroba Alata scoundrel who calls himself Michael "Kweku" Ola having the cojones to highjack our politics with an obscure FIFPaG or some such God Be Damned group.Gibril Kanazore,Kofi Adamu and all these foreigners are pulling us by our noses in our own country. Am sick in the stomach

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Asare on Oct 9, 19:09
Yuroba Alata Anago Ola