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NPP at its anti-progressive best - Mahama

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2016-10-19 11:33:58
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NPP at its anti-progressive best - Mahama

Akufo Addo's desire is to be president is not based on the fact that the incumbent, JM, is not doing well but that, he, Akufo must be president by all means.
The NPP plan presented in their manifesto is clearly hopeless. The foremost aim is not to develop Ghana but to trick unsuspecting Ghanaians to vote for them. They are promising to build one factory in each district, construct one dam in each village, pay allowances to teacher and nurse trainees, make education free, create seperate funds for the zongos, northern belt, central belt and coastal belt, give one million dollars each to the constituencies, just to please the electorate. The funny part of these promises is that, they are going to reduce tax and in some cases abolish it and they will not borrow, they will keep inflation and budgetary deficits very low. If they are asked where they will get money to execute these unrealistic plans, they will tell you the factories they will be building will be yielding a lot of revenue for government. How funny!!!
It is therefore clear that, if Ghanaians make the mistake to vote for the NPP, Ghana's rapid development as being experienced under the visionary JM will come to a halt.

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Ojuku on Oct 19, 2016 11:33