School girl ‘feeds’ Mahama with kalyppo

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Comment: Killers

2016-10-22 12:55:12
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School girl ‘feeds’ Mahama with kalyppo

The man with higher vision God Bless you NANA our next "presido "whether you like it or not .Join the Winning Team vote NANA.Change is coming soon. No one will give me money.But I want the person who can make the economy better for the entire country.

And I know is Npp.
NDC have put hardship on Ghanaians.too much Tax and bills".mahama b3koo toommm y3 br33w. Visionless.too much dept impose on Ghanaians. If your father left you with huge dept without working how can you pay.??Bad Governance.

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Dragon on Oct 22, 2016 12:55