School girl ‘feeds’ Mahama with kalyppo

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Comment: School girl feeds Mahama with kalypo...

2016-10-22 19:14:55
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School girl ‘feeds’ Mahama with kalyppo

It is only UP tradition who only feed pictures with kalypo . During Nkrumah regime they made a portrait of a pregnant woman and said she was killed by Nkrumah and Nkrumaj worshipped it as voodoo. Kuffour and Akufo-Addo because of power dumped God and went on callously dumping dead women all over Accra that JJ Rawlings was killing women Accra. Yet they call themselves Christians. Know them by their past. Npp can tell lies and it's one of their hallmarks. Look, how they made that little girl to stand by JM's picture and they say the girl is feeding JM with kalypo.Wicked. It is only npp that , if you support them and you don't fabricate any story against their opponents then you a mole for that some people go round saying their lives are in danger since they declared their support for the party. It only npp if you are a pastor and don't dream or see a vision for the master when they win you will not be called to flag staff house because you did not perform. It only npp who can make loose platforms and if the master falls they say it work their opponents. It only npp who can organise macho men to snatch ballot boxes yet they turn round and say it their opponents. It only npp chairman that can say he would supply his macho men with guns and if their opponents dare touch the boxes they will fire but if their supporters do, forget. If you complain they say we are helping the police.
It only npp rally that in a thick crowd some one throw stone and stone would sail through the crowd like a guided missile without and body see and would hit the master without any arrest. Even the nearest the stone couldn't see. That is npp . But after power what next? Most politicians forget about their age , thinking that they will leave forever . It precious to go to heaven than be a president.

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Gbpastor on Oct 22, 2016 19:14
School girl feeds Mahama with kalypo...